Adria Airways ensures important flight connections from Swiss Capital Bern

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After the announcement of expiry of SkyWork Airlines AG operating licence and cancellation of its flights from Bern, the Star Alliance carrier Adria Airways will establish flight connections from Bern starting 06 November 2017.

Adria Airways will shortly station two aircraft in Bern and ensure continued connection between the Swiss capital and major European cities. Bern will thus continue to be connected to Berlin (TXL), Hamburg (HAM), Munich (MUC) and Vienna (VIE).

Flight tickets are available for booking from 30th October 2017 on Adria Airways website,, or through the reservation centre +386 (0) 1 369 1010 as well as from all IATA sales agencies.

The planned flight schedule is as follows:

More details will be announced by Adria Airways in the upcoming days at a press conference in Bern.


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