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ElevonX - Professional Unmanned Solutions

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08 Mar 20
Napisal ElevonX
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ElevonX is a young start-up company founded in 2019, but its founders have a wealth of past experience in a variety of areas that touch aviation. Also in Slovenian language

Their first product is the ElevonX SkyEye modular UAV system, which they have been developing for the last five years and brought to serial production in 2019.

The modularity of the system allows the aircraft to be easily upgraded from the flying wing shape to the A-Tail version and to the VTOL aircraft. The modularity of the system does not end there, as the aircraft can be equipped with different types of propulsion systems (electric, gasoline, hybrid, fuel cells), and the autopilot can easily be replaced.

In addition to UAVs, they are also developing support systems for aerial operations (GCS ground station and launch catapult). They pay particular attention to safety. To this end, they have developed an advanced two-stage safety parachute, which is integrated as standard on each of their UAVs.

The company has extensive experience in advanced planning of complex missions for their UAVs. In addition to using already developed mission planning tools, they can also develop a standalone program code that automates mission planning (eg, automatic creation of a spiral flight plan for the purpose of an offshore SAR mission).

The company is able to quickly and efficiently design various types of unmanned systems and bring them to small-scale production. Larger series can be provided with the help of partner companies.

A great deal of knowledge in the field of algorithm development, system modelling, fluid dynamics and computer-aided 3D construction allows the company to optimize the design of the UAV and determine its basic flying properties even before the flying prototype phase. This significantly shortens the time from system design to production versions.

Knowledge of commercial control systems (autopilots), radio/telemetry connections and experience in designing and executing complex aerial operations place the company in a strong position to participate in the development of planning and monitoring automation of aerial operations.

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