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Creation of the Fraport Aviation Academy at Ljubljana Airport

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22 Feb 17
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An Interview with Thomas Uihlein, director of the Fraport Aviation Academy

S5: Fraport Group operates a lot of airports worldwide. Why did Fraport decide to establish the academy in Ljubljana and not somewhere else?

Creation of the Fraport Aviation Academy as a new “center of excellence and learning” underscores Fraport’s commitment to enhancing Ljubljana as a sustainable location. Diversifying non-aeronautical businesses is a key element of Fraport’s strategy for its airport portfolio. We wish to harness the inherent synergies available at Ljubljana Airport, which has developed its own significant know-how as a full-service airport company in operations, handling, and emergency services. Furthermore, the Ljubljana region is the perfect location where we can develop innovative world-class solutions in aviation training.

Thomas Uihlein:
  Thomas Uihlein: "Construction is scheduled to start in early 2017"

S5: How will the new training center look like? Will the facility be comparable to the one in Frankfurt?

The training center will be built on a site near Ljubljana’s General Aviation Terminal. Construction is scheduled to start in early 2017 and the inaugurated is expected in early 2018. The new training center will be more or less of the same size as the one in Frankfurt.  Our training range will be equipped with A320 aircraft mock up, on which we will be able to simulate indoor and outdoor fires and special helicopter mock up, which will be appropriate not only for firefighting but also for military exercises. In addition to that we will have a special aircraft on which we will conduct Aircraft Recovery courses.  

S5: How many academies Fraport has around the globe?

Fraport AG has established the first Aviation Academy at Ljubljana Airport. The main goal was to centralize whole training offer within the group at one location and to meet the increasing training and education requirements within the Fraport Group, as well as from external customers. Initially, the Fraport Aviation Academy is offering training in airport management, ground handling, and rescue and firefighting services – training areas where Aerodrom Ljubljana and Fraport have already been active for some years. The vision of the Aviation Academy is to be the leading skills academy in the worldwide aviation industry. Not only do we want to pass on knowledge, but also to link different areas of aviation into an integrated learning concept, and therefore, in the future, expand the scope of services to other fields, such as airlines, authorities and air traffic control.  

S5: Who will be trained? On what kind of level?

In cooperation with Fraport’s Fire Training Center (FTC), the Center for Protection and Disaster Relief of the Republic of Slovenia, Slovenia Control and the Faculty of Organizational Sciences of University of Maribor, we will offer a wide range of courses on protection, rescue and intervention in emergency situations. All the training courses will be based on standards and recommendations from the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), the European Safety Agency (EASA) and the American National Association for Fire Safety (NFPA).

Additional theoretical knowledge in the field of crisis management will be offered in collaboration with the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Kranj, a founding member of the University of Maribor. The Faculty and Aerodrom Ljubljana will work together on the preparation of new study programs on crisis management, and also collaborate in the education of the students of the Fraport Aviation Academy and the Faculty.

The inauguration is expected in early 2018
  The inauguration is expected in early 2018

S5: Who will be the designer of new training center?

We already choose a designer – ID interior design from Novo Mesto.

S5: How many people will Fraport Aviation Academy employ? How will the center be organised?

Fraport Aviation Academy will be operated by Aerodrom Ljubljana’s staff. Instructors will be employees from the whole Fraport Group, who are deeply involved in everyday airport operation. Later, Fraport Aviation Academy will collaborate with chosen partners to deliver training modules in specialized areas. We hope that in the future we will be able to expand our range of services and also create some new job opportunities.

Presentation in Slovenian language

S5: How many fireman you will train per year? From which countries?

Training field in Frankfurt enable existing instructors to conduct 150 training per year. In Ljubljana we will be able to conduct even higher number of courses. Final number will depend on the number of received training requests. Participants will come to Ljubljana from all over the world. We expect clients from Europe, Middle East and Latin America.

S5: How will you collaborate with the Ministry of Defence and the Center for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief?

Fraport Aviation Academy will, together with its highly-qualified partners, offer a wide range of skills and knowledge to participants from the entire Fraport Group and other airports from around the globe. The training will be implemented in collaboration with the Center for Protection and Disaster Relief of the Republic of Slovenia, the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Kranj and Fraport’s Fire Training Center (FTC). Demanding fire training courses, such as extinguishing internal fires and responding to accidents involving hazardous materials, will be held at the Protection and Disaster Relief of the Republic of Slovenia in Ig, which is part of the Ministry of Defence. In the future we expect to expand our collaboration with the ministry also to other areas.

Thomas Uihlein:
  Thomas Uihlein: "Participants will come to Ljubljana from all over the world."

S5: Will you also collaborate with the local environment? How?

We will collaborate with firefighting associations from the surrounding area of the airport. In addition to that will try to present airport firefighting to the local community. We will arrange special tours for schools and other interested institutions.

S5: How would you estimate expertise of the fire department and the equipment in airport fire department?

Additional six firefighters from Aerodrom Ljubljana were trained last year in the Fraport’s Fire Training Center. In the future we will continue with their development. Trainers from other fields will continue to be trained as well. New training center will enable firefighters to train at the new training facility with an even better equipment.


Photos: Borut Podgoršek and Aerodrom Ljubljana




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